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Virtual reality for surveyors and fire teams

Tue 12 Jun 2018 by Martyn Wingrove reporting from Posidonia, Athens

Virtual reality for surveyors and fire teams
MEC editor Martyn Wingrove tests out the VR technology at the Posidonia exhibition in Athens, Greece (credit: Riviera Maritime Media)

Classification society, the Korean Register of Shipping, has adopted virtual reality (VR) technology for specialist training for its surveyors and soon for shipping companies.

It has developed a Classmate Survey program that immerses its surveyors in an interactive simulator of a ship model to test their investigative skills and for training.

According to Korean Register business development manager Jik Lee, this is only the beginning of what is possible from VR technology.

“We are in the final stages of introducing VR training simulation for fire drills,” he told Marine Electronics & Communications at the Posidonia exhibition in Athens, Greece.

“It can also be used for simulation training for fire-fighting and rescue operations,” he explained.

A trainee using this technology would wear immersion goggles and use a handheld controller connected to a monitor to display the view the trainee sees.

Marine Electronics & Communications editor, Martyn Wingrove, was able to test out the visualisation and accuracy of the program during demonstrations at Posidonia.

Mr Lee said the complete program questions trainees and surveyors at each stage, scores their responses and grades them against industry expectations.

Other simulations were presented by different companies during Posidonia. Smit Salvage demonstrated what was involved in fire-fighting from a new dual-fuel tug delivered in Singapore in May. This simulation used a model of LNG-fuelled KST Liberty, operated by Keppel Smit Towage.

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