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Transas purchase will make smart shipping a reality

Wed 21 Mar 2018 by Martyn Wingrove

Transas purchase will make smart shipping a reality

Editor Martyn Wingrove explains why Wärtsilä wanted to acquire Transas to deliver smart maritime ecosystems

Wärtsilä is acquiring Transas in a deal worth €210M to drive forward its Smart Marine Ecosystem concept unveiled in November last year.

This is the biggest deal in the marine intelligence sector for a generation and accelerates the growing trend in smart shipping solutions.

Over the last two decades, Transas had built up a strong position in bridge systems, becoming the number one provider of ECDIS and electronic navigational charts. It built a sizable training simulator division, supplying simulators to 4,500 training centres, to become one of the two top players, and it is a leader in providing vessel traffic management.

From its beginnings in St Petersburg, Russia, Transas has grown to become a global business with headquarters in the UK. Its chief executive Frank Coles has become a leading advocate in changing perceptions and developments in shipping by amalgamating Transas’ strengths in one technology platform, called THESIS.

However, the reality of delivering this technology concept was tougher than creating the concept. Wärtsilä’s acquisition of Transas will put this straight. It should convert some of Mr Coles’ ideas into reality with shipowners, port operators, logistics providers, vessel traffic managers and training academies all working together.

Wärtsilä is buying Transas to accelerate its delivery of an ecosystem that digitally connects the entire marine supply chain through applications that are secure, smart and cloud-based. Wärtsilä Marine Solutions president Roger Holm said they will connect its own bridge systems, condition monitoring, power generation and other dynamic technologies with Transas’ ship traffic control, simulators, and e-navigation solutions.

This acquisition will finally move smart shipping concepts into workable solutions and services for the global maritime industry so they are all working to one goal - to make shipping safer and more efficient.

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