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Maritime Digitalisation & Communications

Thuraya VSAT+: optimising maritime communications

Sun 05 Aug 2018

Thuraya VSAT+: optimising maritime communications

As global trade increases, marine activities pick up pace and shipping routes become more crowded. On a daily basis, over 50,000 merchant ships cross the oceans with millions of cargo containers in tow. The need for fast and efficient communications aboard vessels and between land and sea is now more vital than ever before.

For over 20 years, Thuraya has delivered value-added products and solutions to fishing, naval, coast guard, merchant and leisure vessels, and operators of all kinds of shipping lines. In diversifying its maritime portfolio, Thuraya is fully equipped to enhance its offerings with the latest technical specifications, top-notch hardware components and competitive airtime pricing.

Thuraya’s latest MarineComms service, Thuraya VSAT+ meets today’s mounting vessel management needs with simplicity. This integrated platform transforms marine connectivity by increasing offshore bandwidth capabilities and effectively caters to multiple applications including office-at-sea, crew welfare, cargo manifest and fleet operations.

Thuraya VSAT+ is a comprehensive platform that delivers a singular, powerful satellite communications solution for maritime connectivity. It merges Ku-Band VSAT and L-Band services to deliver one robust offering backed by an extensive network.

Its capability to cater to the rising demands for higher bandwidth requirements in the maritime industry enables crew and officials to stay in touch with ports, ground crew, family and friends through optimised voice, narrowband, broadband data and onboard management systems.

Ship operators and captains can set up all their maritime communication requirements with ease using Thuraya VSAT+, provided as a single-service bundled with flexible packages. Thuraya offers a full turnkey solution including equipment, satellite broadband service, installation and maintenance available 24/7 365 days per year via its network of certified professionals and service partners.

The VSAT+ solution saves time and delivers operational efficiency and improved decision-making by allowing users to rely on one solution for all their maritime communication needs. With a fixed-pricing model, its usage eliminates billing complexities and presents an attractive cost-saving option.

Thuraya VSAT+ is developed alongside renowned maritime manufacturers and service providers. Its robust system ensures operational excellence and its various components include VSAT terminals, Thuraya’s L-band network via Thuraya Orion IP, Thuraya’s VoIP service, iDirect modem and a wide choice of value-added services. The platform features a fallback on Thuraya’s L-band network via the Orion IP.

VSAT+ is applicable to all vessel types and suitable to maritime budget requirements. The service works as a fixed-price package that combines resilience, high data speeds, quasi-global coverage, flexibility and affordability.

Thuraya VSAT+ is available around the Asia-Pacific region through Thuraya’s network of global distributors.

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