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Teleport partnership offers VSAT broadband to shipping

Wed 13 Jun 2018 by Martyn Wingrove

Teleport partnership offers VSAT broadband to shipping
The partnership will use Cobbett Hill Earth Station to deliver its satellite link (credit: Cobbett Hill Earth Station)

A teleport and a satellite communications provider have teamed up to deliver fast broadband to maritime sectors in Europe. Cobbett Hill Earth Station, a UK-based teleport operator, will partner with service provider SatADSL to deliver VSAT to cruise ships and commercial vessels.

VSAT will also be available to offshore oil and gas vessels, rigs and production platforms, coast guard ships and leisure vessels.

This will be offered through a cloud-based service delivery platform (C-SDP). “The versatility of the SatADSL platform provides opportunities for flexible, tailored, contract-free satellite services to be delivered on our European maritime network,” said Cobbett Hill sales director Adrian Redfern.

SatADSL’s C-SDP provides satellite connectivity via a virtual cloud-based platform, which eliminates the need for any physical infrastructure.

Using this platform, SatADSL provides customised networking with service plans and value-added services. It can control and monitor connectivity, prioritise traffic and offer online billing for any frequency band and any access technology.

Cobbett Hill’s teleport is around 30 miles outside London and provides access to extensive satellite coverage. It also has access to the London fibre optics telecommunications ring and thus is a gateway to global connectivity.

This can be used by maritime industries for internet, voice, data transmissions and broadcasting.

SatADSL co-founder and chief technical officer Fulvio Sansone said its C-SDP solutions enable Cobbett Hill to offer competitive, tailored solutions for end-users.


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