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SSI adds new functionality to EnterprisePlatform

Fri 14 Sep 2018 by Martyn Wingrove

SSI adds new functionality to EnterprisePlatform
3D models can be analysed and manipulated in SSI’s ShipConstructor

SSI will incorporate newly acquired Arcos Innovations' product lifecycle management (PLM) software into its own EnterprisePlatform, which assists shipbuilders in connecting engineering to lifecycle management activities.

The development came in response to shipbuilders, especially those constructing naval ships, adopting PLM solutions to manage increasingly complex projects. Leveraging the capabilities of PLM software will enable SSI clients to transform their shipbuilding businesses to tackle the opportunities and challenges ahead, said SSI president and chief technical officer Denis Morais.

SSI has also introduced a Synchronized Shipyard program that Mr Morais said would make shipyards more effective. The program enables engineering data to drive all other departments, tools and processes in a shipyard, including SSI’s ShipConstructor software - used for vessel design and construction support - and EnterprisePlatform.

“This allows a shipyard to be run like a well-oiled machine,” said Mr Morais, allowing all departments to be connected with the current engineering data in the product data model of ShipConstructor.

SSI revealed the new features contained within the 2019 rollout of ShipConstructor and EnterprisePlatform would include those that its clients had requested on the Nexus Wishlist, to help streamline their work.

Mr Morais said during the SMM exhibition that these software platforms were updated every quarter, but this annual revision involved important changes for users. For example, it includes a new ModelLink Manager that enables users to display reference drawings rapidly and in a lightweight manner, using a workflow that links Navisworks and ShipConstructor.

There are also improvements to the WeldManagement function, with a new manager palette and multiple productivity enhancements for weld paths, creating, modifying and saving welds. SSI has also added the ability to select exactly the assemblies that shipbuilders require.

ShipConstructor is based on AutoCAD, meaning that improvements in this base are reproduced in the ship engineering program. This includes streamlining the outfitting process and transferring standard assemblies, pipe supports and penetrations across multiple projects.

SSI has also unveiled access to advanced analytics for a ship construction project and a more simple means of integrating a ShipConstructor design with EnterprisePlatform.

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