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Maritime Digitalisation & Communications

SpeedCast acquires WINS satcoms

Mon 08 Aug 2016 by Martyn Wingrove

SpeedCast acquires WINS satcoms
SpeedCast provides VSAT solutions using Cobham Satcoms antennas, as well as others

SpeedCast is acquiring WINS Limited, a Europe-based provider of broadband satellite communications and IT solutions for the maritime sector. The deal when completed will add more than 2,000 merchant ships and 100 passenger vessels to SpeedCast’s growing in-service fleet.

WINS provides a selection of VSAT and L-band communications and international maritime mobile phone network services to these ships, as well as cruise liners and ferries. This corporate purchase will strengthen SpeedCast’s leading position in global maritime satellite communications. It also brings new expertise and services as WINS provides accounting authority services to shipowners. 

SpeedCast chief executive Pierre-Jean Beylier said WINS’s strength in the German maritime market would also be a major bonus for the acquisition. “This acquisition is further affirmation of SpeedCast’s growth strategies. WINS brings expertise in the cruise industry in Europe, a fast growing user of satellite communications. Together, we are well poised to expand our network to support the growing demand of VSAT services in the maritime sector.”

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