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Peter Döhle invests in cloud technology for fleet monitoring

Thu 15 Jun 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Peter Döhle invests in cloud technology for fleet monitoring
Inspections on Peter Döhle ships are recorded in a reporting app on a tablet

Ship operator Peter Döhle Group is using cloud-based platforms to manage and monitor its fleet and improve efficiencies

Peter Döhle Group is one of a growing number of shipping companies to invest in cloud-based platforms for managing its fleet. It is using Hanseaticsoft’s Cloud Fleet Manager to monitor and manage more than 500 ships, including container ships, multipurpose vessels and bulk carriers.

Demands for safe and secure operations means Peter Döhle had a critical need to remove data silos, which were costing the business time and resources, to speed up communications and increase the efficiency of its vessel management. It wanted to integrate and align information about its ships and data from external partners with its internal company processes in one platform, and access this data to accelerate information processing and its reaction to events.

According to Hanseaticsoft managing director Alexander Buchmann, Peter Döhle required reliable, accurate and up-to-date fleet management information for all parties at any time, regardless of their location and internet connectivity issues. Hanseaticsoft supplied prototypes of the cloud program and open interfaces for up and downstream systems.

“Within days, the application was rolled out, data imported and the Cloud Ship Manager installed on the vessels,” Mr Buchmann explained, adding that it is used as a central, company-wide communication and information platform that has improved the accuracy and reliability of information.

“Peter Döhle was able to evolve its processes and procedures,” he commented. For example, inspections are done using a reporting application and the results are available immediately to management. Peter Döhle plans to introduce the Cloud Fleet Manager software globally soon and will use the Cloud Crewing module to manage its crew, plan their voyages and perform payroll processes.

Class investment

Other shipping companies using Hanseaticsoft’s cloud program include Norddeutsche Reederei H Schuldt, Heino Winter and Rigel Shipping. Mr Buchmann expects more will be added as Lloyd’s Register invested in Hanseaticsoft in April this year. A key reason for this investment was development of Cloud Fleet Manager.

Hanseaticsoft also has 20 different applications, including the inspection report app and the Cloud Crewing app. It has a disturbance report application that summarises information about incidents and service requests. There is also a world map for vessel positions and ports and software that supports ship operators’ compliance with the EU’s monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) regulations for ship emissions.

Mr Buchmann thinks the enforcement of MRV regulations from 2018 will force shipping shipping companies to monitor a variety of parameters. “This is the first step towards real performance management and should lay the foundation to increases in analytics,” he said. This should lead to better predictions for optimal routes, fuel consumption and maintenance of machinery.

“We are going to see some great progress in terms of data handling, transparency and efficiency”

He thinks cloud technology will play a significant role in the years to come because of its availability on mobile devices, ease of data access and reductions in the use of data silos and excess work. “We are going to see some great progress in terms of data handling, transparency and efficiency,” Mr Buchmann explained.

“The availability of the internet at any time will bring great advances in terms of real-time data exchange, integrating the fleet directly into all processes and enabling operators to gain a 360-degree overview of all events.” He concluded: “We can expect a great leap in terms of data analysis and shipping companies that start early to adopt new and disruptive technologies are going to gain an edge over their competitors.” Peter Döhle will be among them.

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