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ITC Global upgrades crew welfare platform

Fri 14 Oct 2016 by Martyn Wingrove

ITC Global upgrades crew welfare platform
Joe Spytek: Performance data of onboard services demonstrates the importance of continual updates to the solution

ITC Global has released an enhanced version of its Crew Live seafarer welfare platform. This delivers wireless communications and entertainment to ships and offshore installations in remote locations.

The subsidiary of Panasonic Corp originally introduced Crew Live in November last year and now has more than 11,500 registered users. The enhancements include increased upload and download speeds and regional to global beam switching capabilities on a single antenna solution. They also include better dashboard management and reporting features, an improved user interface, and flexible deployment options, supported by Panasonic’s next-generation global VSAT network. 

ITC Global chief executive Joe Spytek said the updates were needed because of the rising demand for bandwidth and data. The amount of data usage through Crew Live per crew member has increased to a monthly average of 930MB. The average download speeds for a group of 20 individual online users has risen to 100,000 bps. “Performance data of onboard services to our 11,500 registered Crew Live accounts demonstrates the importance of continual updates to the solution,” said Mr Spytek.

“Leveraging Panasonic’s robust global network ensures service remains seamless and enables us to deliver the high speeds that are critical for both corporate and crew network demands. In addition, users gain access to the best-in-class global live TV service through Panasonic’s platform,” he added.

Vessel owners can decouple the operational and crew networks, removing the need for seafarers to rely on the corporate network for personal voice calls. Separating the networks removes latent security risks associated with allowing remote workers to stay connected across the same link that handles corporate traffic.

ITC Global has supplied VSAT and Crew Live services to the world’s largest semi-submersible drilling rig Diamond Offshore’s Ocean GreatWhite.

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