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Maritime Digitalisation & Communications

Inmarsat contracts new ship satcoms hardware

Wed 14 Feb 2018 by Martyn Wingrove

Inmarsat contracts new ship satcoms hardware
(l-r) Ronald Spithout (Inmarsat) shakes hands with Intellian CEO Eric Sung

Intellian and Inmarsat have jointly decided to develop a new generation of FleetBroadband terminals for cheaper and faster satellite communications for maritime.

These new terminals will be enhanced versions of existing L-band antennas and below-deck equipment and will be ready for the next generation of Inmarsat satellites.

Intellian said these new terminals will be significantly lower cost and feature a host of new capabilities, including much faster throughput speeds. The current range of terminals manage bandwidth of up to around 500 kbps.

Inmarsat maritime president Ronald Spithout said these terminals will be designed to operate over the existing I-4 satellites and the new I-6 constellation, which is being designed and built by Airbus Defence and Space ready for launch from 2020.

“It is also important to note that along with lower cost hardware and supercharged capabilities, the next generation of FleetBroadband, with the latest core module technology, will provide enhanced safety services, continuing to keep seafarers safe wherever they are in the world,” said Mr Spithout.

I-6 will be the first of Inmarsat’s constellations to feature dual-payload satellites, each supporting L-band and Ka-band services.

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