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High-level cyber security integrated into ECDIS and navigation systems

Fri 15 Mar 2019 by Ed Martin

High-level cyber security integrated into ECDIS and navigation systems
The Naval Dome software system protects from both shipboard and external threats to systems

Israeli maritime cyber security firm Naval Dome has licenced its software to Totem Plus, a provider of automation and navigation systems such as ECDIS, for integration with the several hundred existing systems in its portfolio.

Totem Plus chief executive Captain Azriel Rahav said “It is crucial for our customers to be supplied with systems that are protected at the very highest level.”

He added this is particularly important as Totem Plus’ ECDIS system incorporates a decision-support tool for collision avoidance at sea.

Naval Dome’s team comprises former Israeli navy and cyber defence experts. The Naval Dome cyber defence system can block attacks both internally – by preventing installation and connection of unauthorised devices and providing real-time anomaly detection and alerts – and externally – detecting and blocking malicious files, protecting data delivered to vessels and providing remote repair and alert facilities. It requires no changes to original software installations and does not alter OEM software or systems operation.

The co-operation between the two companies started in 2017 when Naval Dome’s software was used to protect Totem Plus’ ECDIS, voyage data recorder, bridge alert management and integrating monitoring, alarm and control systems on a 5,000-TEU container ship.

In February this year, DNV GL granted Naval Dome a Security level 4 certification of compliance with its DNV GL CP-0231 class programme, a type approval based on international standard ISA/IEC 62443, Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems. This certification, in combination with the two companies’ previous co-operation, was what led to Totem Plus opting to choose Naval Dome on this occasion.

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