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Entering the realm of intelligent fleet management

Tue 14 Nov 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Entering the realm of intelligent fleet management

We have come far in the drive towards smart ships and intelligent fleet management. This was highlighted at the Europort exhibition in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, last week. Vessel operators and fleet managers are not only discussing what they want to achieve through smart shipping, but also how to get there.

For example, the European shipping industry heard from Van Oord at the show in Rotterdam. It is reaping the operational benefits on its fleet of dredgers and heavy-lift ships by analysing the increasing volumes of data that comes from these vessels.

Data scientist Gerben de Boer explained, in a seminar, the technology that Van Oord had to develop and adopt to become a smart shipping operator. These technology achievements included creating a data lake and transmitting analytics software to the onboard data instead of the data to the software, overcoming the bandwidth and data storage restrictions shipping faces. Van Oord also developed digital twins of its vessels for analysis and scenario testing.

Also during that seminar, Kongsberg Digital vice president Matt Duke explained how it has developed digital twin technology for shipping. Kongsberg has developed the Kognifai open digital platform that can be used for a wide range of applications for condition monitoring, 3D modelling, fleet optimisation and benchmarking.

In an interview earlier this week, Kongsberg Digital president Hege Skryseth told Marine Electronics & Communications that these platforms are helping shipping go through a digital transformation. The industry is combining operational knowledge with digital domain knowledge, enabling applications such as condition-based maintenance, fuel consumption optimisation, smart route planning and better ship trimming.

Back at Europort, Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence business development manager Bert Ritscher outlined how shipowners can use data analytics and processing for identifying faults before they occur in ships systems. RH Marine technical product manager Michiel Post highlighted how data analytics can reduce fuel costs and extend battery life on vessels with hybrid propulsion systems.

All this drives the shipping industry further into the smart shipping realm, where data processing delivers intelligent decision making for operational improvements and efficient shipping fleets.

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