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Danelec unveils VDR data platform and new ecdis

Fri 09 Sep 2016 by Martyn Wingrove

Danelec unveils VDR data platform and new ecdis
DM700 ecdis is designed with Linux-based software and a ruggedised low-power LED monitor

Danelec Marine has developed an integrated remote ship-to-shore data access platform and a new series of ecdis. The Denmark-headquartered company has unveiled a Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) remote access platform for data collection and transfer from ships systems and sensors to shore offices. This incorporates the VDR OnDemand pull-through data retrieval and Vessel AutoConnect push-through data transmission products.

“This provides access to the VDR data from shore via the satellite communications so it can be replayed from shore for near-miss analysis and vessel performance analysis,” said Danelec business development manager Gergely Tas. “Another application is allowing service companies to prepare for service calls, as they can get the VDR data, run analysis and look at the health status before the annual VDR servicing.”

Danelec has also introduced a conversion or upgrade kit so ship operators can complete VDR retrofits to meet the latest IMO performance standards for these recorders. Another Danelec product launch at the SMM exhibition in Hamburg was the DM700 series of ecdis. This fully complies with the latest performance standards that are due to come into force in August 2017.

DM700 provides a basic ecdis solution that is less complex than the existing DM800 series. It is designed with Linux-based software, an intuitive easy-to-learn user interface, ruggedised low-power LED monitors and Danelec’s SoftWare Advanced Protection (Swap) technology. “This is an alternative to a panel PC ecdis,” said Mr Tas. “It has the same functions as DM800, but it has a small optimal computer, so it would appeal to different shipping markets, opening up new opportunities for type-approved ecdis.”

The Linux operating system uses less processing power and memory, freeing more space for chart storage, while providing superior resistance to virus and malware compared with Microsoft Windows operating systems. The Swap technology includes a solid state memory card for storing all programs, application software, configuration files, cartography and vessel routes. The DM700 and DM800 series run on all official electronic navigational charts, including Admiralty Vector Chart Service in S-57 and S-63 formats, and Navtor’s system electronic navigational charts. Additional overlays, including the Admiralty Information Overlay, Navtex, radar and AIS are also supported.

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