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Agreement enables remote video support from shore

Fri 24 Jun 2016 by Martyn Wingrove

Agreement enables remote video support from shore
Alphatron Marine and Setel PowerLine signed a co-operation agreement at Posidonia in Athens earlier this month

Technology will be made available for onshore engineers to view video from anywhere crew can access on ships using the vessel’s existing power system. This is after an agreement was signed between Alphatron Marine and Setel Powerline. They will co-operate in linking Alphatron’s AlphaEye personnel camera system with Setel PowerLine’s IP network. This means the camera can virtually go anywhere on the vessel without losing the connection to the ship’s satellite communications.

AlphaEye is a service communication tool that enables real-time audio and visual support directly from a shore-based engineer. It can connect to a vessel’s VSAT, or dedicated connection to 3G/4G mobile phone networks, via a vessel’s WiFi system. By using Setel PowerLine’s IP network, the video and audio can be streamed using the existing electrical infrastructure on a vessel. This removes the need for time consuming, complex and expensive industrial Ethernet re-cabling programmes.

The video and audio can then be transmitted to shore over VSAT or 3G/4G connections. This can go directly to an expert in the Alphatron Marine office or helpdesk from business partners. It links crew with onshore engineers with live audio and visual contact. It enables onshore engineers to conduct error analysis and problem solving of issues that crew are facing in real-time. The remote support makes adjusting or replacing components simple, while necessary parts can be identified, ordered and despatched to be ready in the next port of call.

“With the AlphaEye capability operated on the Setel PowerLine IP backbone, we are able to provide fast and effective remote diagnosis to our clients and ship owners,” said Alphatron head of global business development Jeroen Kortsmit. “We already see significant cost savings arising from the reduced on board engineering deployments and travel time, usually associated with conventional technical and mechanical support. In some cases this may even be up to 20 per cent of the yearly support and maintenance budget.”

Alphatron will offer innovative ways to improve maintenance support to owners of offshore vessels and dredgers. It also provides inspection, maintenance and survey work on bridge systems.

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