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Agreement delivers maritime IoT over VSAT

Tue 11 Jun 2019 by Martyn Wingrove

Agreement delivers maritime IoT over VSAT
Vigleik Takle (Kongsberg) and Robert Hopkins (KVH) signed the agreement at NorShipping for maritime IoT over VSAT

Vessel operations can be monitored in real-time using an insightful application on a new maritime internet of things (IoT) service.

Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight solution is the first application to be introduced on KVH Industries’ Watch IoT connectivity-as-a-service.

Vessel Insight is hosted on Kongsberg’s Kognifai digital ecosystem and is available through two modes on KVH’s VSAT connectivity.

These modes are Watch Flow, for 24/7, machine-to-machine data delivery compatible with major IoT ecosystems such as Kognifai; and Watch Intervention, for on-demand high-speed sessions for video support and remote equipment access. 

KVH chief executive officer Martin Kits van Heyningen said shipowners could save operational expenditure through advanced remote monitoring and diagnostics. “Watch Intervention was designed specifically to resolve the problems IoT remote condition monitoring brings to light,” he said. “Service visits to ships average US$5,000 each, and can be too little, too late. Now, shore-based specialists can solve more challenging issues with equipment on a vessel in real-time.”

Kongsberg Digital senior vice president for maritime digital solutions Vigleik Takle says VSAT connectivity is required for both daily monitoring and rapid remote support.

“KVH provides Vessel Insight users with connectivity options for end-to-end solutions that deliver the real-time monitoring and intervention benefits of machine-to-machine IoT,” he said.

“It provides dedicated IoT connectivity with tight integration for monitoring and options for full video bandwidth. In periods of remote support it will provide customers with higher performance and reliability,” Mr Takle continued.

KVH Watch is a dedicated IoT platform open to other service providers.

“IoT is essential for maintaining and optimising complex equipment at sea, but until now, equipment manufacturers have lacked an affordable VSAT IoT solution,” Mr Kits van Heyningen said.

KVH Watch uses VSAT from widebeam Ku-band and C-band coverage and high-throughput satellites. Shipping companies can access this connectivity through monthly subscription fees, which include access to a dedicated IoT VSAT terminal, data delivery and maintenance.

KVH designed the IoT connectivity solution with cyber security as an essential feature: KVH Watch is completely isolated from the vessel’s communications system and will include a dedicated local area network, support for manufacturer virtual private networks and multi-factor authentication for remote-controlled access.

KVH’s senior director for maritime services Robert Hopkins says KVH Watch “leverages end-to-end maritime connectivity services and high-throughput satellites” for maritime applications and business models.

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