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ABB to provide Edda Fiddes marine advisory system

Tue 12 Jun 2018 by Ed Martin

ABB to provide <i>Edda Fiddes</i> marine advisory system
Octopus will enhance safe transfer using Edda Fiddes’s motion-compensated gangway

ABB Ability has announced it will supply the flotel Edda Fiddes with Octopus Marine Advisory System software.

The Octopus system will enhance safe gangway transfer of crew and passengers and optimise the overall operational performance of the 600-person vessel, operated by Edda Accommodation.

Integrating real-time weather forecasts, the system allows owners to gather and analyse data, calculates hydrodynamic parameters and their effect on vessel responses and aids in maximising uptime within critical motion and acceleration limits.

The system incorporates alarms to provide onboard warnings if preset limits are exceeded and allows shoreside staff to monitor vessel performance via the Octopus Fleet Portal.

Edda Fiddes measures 130 m long by 27 m wide and has 7,607 dwt. Built in 2011, it has a dynamic positioning class of DP3 and is fitted with a telescoping motion-compensated gangway and pedestal. It has seen service in the North Sea, Mediterranean, Australia and in the US Gulf of Mexico.

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