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Maritime Digitalisation & Communications


Maritime Digitalisation & Communications is available online and in print.

The magazine is published quarterly. Alongside stories on bridge systems failures, ECDIS related accidents and broadband access for crew, we cover autonomous shipping, artificial intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, augmented reality and cyber security. 

Maritime Digitalisation & Communications replaces our Marine Electronics & Communications title. Many of the fundamentals of what we write about won’t change, whether you’re a 30 year veteran marine electronics engineer or a new computer science graduate the day-to-day systems that keep ships safe and the communications infrastructure they rely upon remain essential knowledge. But as shipping evolves we also need to keep our old and new readers up to speed on the latest technologies and the blue-sky thinking.

We’ll be reporting on what really works, brings value or improves efficiency for shipowners and are really looking forward to playing our part in covering what looks set to be the biggest technological transformation for shipping since the steam engine.

Our readership spans CIOs, Fleet & Energy Performance Managers, Technical Managers, ICT managers, CSOs and Operations Managers globally.

We continue to publish The Complete Guide to ECDIS, and The Complete Guide to VSAT.