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UPDATE: Are seafarers aware of the cyber threats?

Wed 09 Aug 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

UPDATE: Are seafarers aware of the cyber threats?
Hackers can unlock company IT networks via the employees

Shipowners should be aware that the majority of cyber threats to their business come through their seafarers and shore staff. Which is why it is vital that seafarers are made aware of the online threats that they face.

A shocking 99% of cyber attacks target people rather than IT infrastructure. This is a key message from a film that a consortium of cyber risk aware shipowners and maritime organisations, including Teekay Shipping and Samskip, has developed.

The video, Be Cyber Aware at Sea, provides shipping companies and seafarers with free advice on methods to improve cyber risk management on vessels. It now comes with subtitles in different languages, including Portuguese.

The short film highlights that people are the weakest link in any cyber-based attack. It uses real-life case studies to demonstrate how easy it is for cyber criminals to target individual employees.

Oil Companies International Marine Forum, along with Teekay Shipping, insurer The Standard Club and satellite communications provider NSSLGlobal supported film-maker Fidra Films in this project.

Be Cyber Aware at Sea features multiple tips to help employees avoid being an easy target for cyber criminals. It demonstrates what was described in depth at Riviera Maritime Media’s European Maritime Cyber Risk Management Summit in June. It shows that many marine people still fail to identify the signs of emails that are linked to harmful malware and that people can accidentally give away personal and company information to hackers via email or social media postings.

Fidra Films has also created six supporting videos that cover the main cyber risk channels and challenges on:

  • Phishing.
  • Web browsing.
  • Sextortion.
  • Passwords.
  • Removable devices.
  • Social media use.

There is further evidence that shipping organisations and companies are becoming more astute in identifying cyber issues and have put in place methods of dealing with potential threats. This is summarised in a feature on

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