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Marine Electronics & Communications

Simwave orders suites of Kongsberg simulators

Fri 21 Apr 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Simwave orders suites of Kongsberg simulators
Kongsberg will supply a full mission bridge simulator to Simwave

Kongsberg Digital has gained a sizeable contract to supply training simulator systems for Simwave’s advanced technology centre in Barendrecht in the Netherlands. Under a strategic partnership Kongsberg will supply suites of bridge, offshore, engineroom cargo control and dynamic positioning simulators to a new maritime training facility.

Vessel owners and managers will be able to hire Simwave’s facilities and experts for training and assessing crew, to conduct research and investigative projects. Kongsberg will supply the simulator hardware and 3D mathematical ship and environment models based on K-Sim technology. It will also supply any new maritime training solutions that come from its newly launched open ecosystem Kognifai.

Kongsberg will deliver simulators throughout the second and third quarters of this year with the facility expected to open by the end of September 2017. It will supply multiple full-mission and part-task simulators for ship’s bridge and engineroom operations, all based on the latest simulator technology platforms.

The contract also includes a five-year system support programme with dedicated support and access to technology updates. The deliveries will include a K-Sim offshore simulator with 360-degree field of view and bridge equipment configured for tug and support vessel training.

Kongsberg will supply two K-Sim Navigation full mission bridge simulators with 360-degree field of view projector configurations, two more bridge simulators with 180 degrees of view and eight part-task simulators for navigation proficiency.

There will be simulators for training seafarers for operations on inland waterways including one K-Sim Navigation full mission bridge simulator with 240 degrees of visualisation and a part-task bridge simulator integrated with a K-Sim Engine.

There will be one K-Sim Engine full mission engineroom simulator, a high voltage breaker and eight desktop engineroom simulators. Kongsberg will also supply eight K-Pos DP Basic dynamic positioning simulators and eight K-Sim Cargo simulators.

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