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Reygar unveils fleet monitoring program

Fri 19 May 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Reygar unveils fleet monitoring program
BareFleet visualises key vessel performance indicators for fleet managers

UK-based Reygar has introduced a fleet monitoring system that incorporates engineroom, navigation and emissions information in one database.

BareFleet enables shore managers to monitor vessel movements, condition and performance. It includes data on fuel efficiency, gas emissions, navigation and engine condition.

Reygar managing director, Chris Huxley-Reynard said the program’s detailed diagnostic and performance data enables fleet operators and senior management to understand the key performance indicators.

For specific workboat and offshore windfarm vessel applications, BareFleet analyses data for vertical heave motion, tower impact and push-on force, plus an indication of motion sickness.

“As well as directly saving our customers money by helping to improve efficiency, BareFleet allows fleet operators to demonstrate they are meeting their contractual obligations, while taking suitable care of all personnel on board,” said Mr Huxley-Reynard. This is an automatic operation that does not affect the activities of vessel crew.

The system is capable of generating top-line reports for senior management, presenting trends in overall fleet utility, performance and health, aggregated over weeks or months. It can also issue daily vessel and fleet reports.

This can be an overview of vessels’ track, fuel efficiency, motion and impact, plus machinery health and weather conditions. There is also a live status report of vessels that can be viewed via a web portal.

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