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Marine Electronics & Communications

NaviPlanner™ from Nautisk facilitates voyage planning in seconds

Wed 30 Aug 2017

NaviPlanner™ from Nautisk facilitates voyage planning in seconds

Nautisk has developed intuitive voyage planning software to suggest, review and plan optimum routes in seconds. NaviPlanner™ is used by bridge officers to plot routes based on chosen ports, choose a route automatically suggested and then export a complete voyage plan in just a few clicks.

State-of-the-art voyage planning software

“We believe NaviPlanner™ is the most innovating voyage planning tool to date,” said John Dawson at Nautisk.  “It has been developed inhouse by Nautisk to make voyage planning faster and simpler. This will save bridge officers time and money on managing their operations.

“NaviPlanner™ is a low-cost way to put fully compliant route planning on each vessel and is available through one monthly subscription. With no capital outlay for the software, fleet operators will find cost control across a whole fleet straightforward, with one monthly invoice for multiple vessels if required.”

NaviPlanner™ takes away the complexity of planning and managing voyages. It is effectively an integrated end-to-end voyage planning system that operates using Google Maps or sat nav, so limited training is required to make the most of its many capabilities.

Compliant voyage planning tool

The NaviPlanner™ software combines big data (reliable route information gathered by machine learning) and compliant navigational chart data and other digital information in one package. Seamless updates ensure a single vessel up to a global fleet remain compliant, with notifications of when new permits and ENC updates are ready.

NaviPlanner™ is intuitive and easy to use. The operational task of planning a voyage is as simple as setting start and end waypoints – including any additional ports of call – and choosing from the optimum routes suggested.

NaviPlanner™ outputs a PDF of a complete voyage plan. It uses a traffic light system to visually show any information that may need to be input.

Important port information is at hand to help you make decisions and make contacts, and decision-making is enhanced with up-to-date piracy information, weather and NavArea warnings.

NaviPlanner™ works on any PC running Windows 7 or above, and it is fully touchscreen compatible to operate on existing back-of-bridge systems and screens.

Nautisk spearheads a digital revolution

NaviPlanner is one of the latest digital navigation tools to be unveiled by Nautisk.

“The market is changing and the digital revolution that the industry has been talking about for so long is finally taking shape,” explains Dawson. “Nautisk is at the forefront of this new chapter and we have worked together with our customers to develop new ideas, software solutions and technology that will assist them in navigating the challenges ahead.”

NaviPlanner™ was formally unveiled in June at NorShipping, and has been closely followed by a number of enhanced applications and products. This includes NaviUpdate, which automatically updates an ECDIS and works with existing bridge systems to keep navigation up-to-date and NaviManager that enables shore-based staff to track and monitor their fleet operations down to vessel level.

For information on navigational services available from Nautisk visit or click here to find relevant information about NaviPlanner.

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