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Marine Electronics & Communications

Kongsberg launches collaborative digital platform

Tue 28 Mar 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Kongsberg launches collaborative digital platform
Kognifai is an open platform for data sharing and analytics across different maritime industries

Kongsberg has unveiled an open collaborative digital platform to improve integration between technical information and operational technology. The company expects the Kognifai platform will transform maritime businesses for shipowners, partners and equipment suppliers.

Kognifai is an all-encompassing and open digital ecosystem for users to collect, store, analyse, and apply the data they generate using Kongsberg and third-party systems. It includes cloud-based applications that maritime industry clients can use to optimise data access and analysis.

Kongsberg Digital executive vice president Hege Skryseth expects the platform will assist vessel operators to adopt digital applications. “Kognifai will create value for our customers by allowing them to harness the power of their data on their own terms,” he said. “This way, they will reap the benefits of the digital transformation in an easier and more efficient way, and we will collaborate with them to drive the business outcomes they are seeking.”

Kognifai is a secure platform for companies to develop and load their data-centric applications. Users of the platform will own their data and applications for analysis. Service providers can use open standards to add and integrate applications with Kongsberg’s own services.

Kongsberg Digital senior vice president for the digital platform and analytics Jørn Seglem said Kognifai should enable cross-industry innovation and data sharing on an open platform. “We are actively working with selected customers and partners on core business transformation challenges where new solutions are appearing due to the platform,” he added.

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