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Inmarsat launches new cyber security management product

Wed 13 Sep 2017 by Jamey Bergman

Inmarsat launches new cyber security management product

Mobile satellite company Inmarsat brought its new unified threat management (UTM) service to London International Shipping Week, promising shipowners ‘fully-managed’ protection from cyber attacks.

The product, called Fleet Secure, is being offered in conjunction with Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress hybrid VSAT service, which launched in March 2016. Fleet Secure has been under development since April 2016 as part of a strategic partnership agreement between Inmarsat and Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel). 

Inmarsat senior vice president for security Peter Broadhurst said “Inmarsat’s new Fleet Secure service provides an all-inclusive, real-time managed monitoring service, giving ship operators and managers the cyber security tools they need to protect their fleets continuously from malicious attack or malware, detect vulnerabilities, and respond to threats.”

The Fleet Secure UTM maintains protection by relying on a suite of cyber security defences developed by Singtel’s cyber security subsidiary Trustwave. These include advanced firewalls, antivirus, intrusion preventers and web filters.

Inmarsat has previously described the Fleet Secure UTM solution as a ‘virtual machine’ that can be provisioned at any time to provide data review and cyber protection for a vessel by inspecting all traffic flows through the onboard controller. All threat incidents are reported back to the portal so that the ship operator can be alerted to any cyber security breaches and take corrective action.

Inmarsat is offering three tiers for the subscription-based service. A gold membership includes real-time threat monitoring and analysis with immediate digital notifications of any threats and a follow-up telephone call in the case of severe security threats. Silver memberships offer a daily review and analysis of threats, while bronze status simply gives customers access to an online portal, where they can check their own status.

Inmarsat said that, while the UTM blocks access to unsafe websites and can isolate infected areas of a vessel’s network to prevent cyber attacks from spreading, the service itself will not impact on the business traffic of the vessel. All anti-virus configuration updates, events and alarms are transmitted outside customer bandwidth, with the software managing all incidents.

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