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Advanced workboat propulsion controls unveiled

Tue 04 Apr 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Advanced workboat propulsion controls unveiled
EC300 Power Commander comes with magnetic, contactless hall-effect sensors for monitoring lever position

Twin Disc has introduced contactless sensors to its range of commercial-grade propulsion controls for workboats. The EC300 Power Commander now comes with magnetic, contactless hall-effect sensors for monitoring lever position. Twin Disc said this outlasts other electro-mechanical and potentiometer type sensors for longer shifting service life.

Tests with the EC300 demonstrated that there was no single loss of lever position signal in four million cycles. Twin Disc said EC300 single and twin lever control heads have superior transmission and throttle handling because of the contactless sensors.

An EC300 can be linked to a Twin Disc Quickshift transmission for more sensitive responses from lever adjustments. The first 25 degrees of lever travel provide slow-speed trolling, while the following 30 degrees control engine revolutions, said Twin Disc, adding: “This is critical for manoeuvrability, whether pushing a tow or fishing.”

EC300 has rugged housing that is made from polished stainless steel and sealed for commercial bridge use. The EC300 unit provides active system monitoring, diagnostics and fault indication with event logging. The system will accept up to eight stations, each with independent port and starboard communication cables.

Each control head also has port and starboard auxiliary connectors for activating throttle limits, station lockout clutch disable, bow thruster and audible alarm. It can be programmed to fit many specific application or regulation requirements.

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